How to repair a corrupt WinRAR file?

WinRAR repair software

RAR Recovery Kit

RAR Recovery Kit helps to fix damaged *.rar archives

How to repair WinRAR file

The repair instruction for the repairing of files from corrupted *.rar files of WinRAR on Windows PC:

repair rar
  1. Download RAR Recovery Kit from here:
  2. Install RAR Recovery Kit on your computer
  3. Start RAR Recovery Kit
  4. Selecting a damaged RAR archive
  5. Selecting files and folders what you want to save
  6. Selecting a folder where the recovered information will be saved

How to fix WinRAR files?

RAR Recovery Kit can fix damaged WinRAR archives.

It solves many WinRAR errors, including those listed below:

  • The WinRAR archive is either in an unknown format or is damaged.
  • CRC check failure
  • The WinRAR file header is corrupt.
  • Unexpected end of WinRAR file
  • Worm infection: Unable to share RAR files over a network; error message displayed
  • Unable to extract downloaded WinRAR files from the Internet; error message indicating that CRC failed in filename
  • Improper compression of files in RAR archives: When large files are compressed on a system, they're converted to the .rar format in order to save space. During this process, obstructions are encountered and the compression process is interrupted, causing inaccessibility.
  • WinRAR header corrupt error
  • And others

The tool for WinRAR repair helps in most cases when corrupted archives in the .rar format can't be opened. Even if such a file is seriously damaged, it's possible to retrieve nearly all of a document and save the data. This powerful RAR recovery tool can repair a WinRAR archive file in just a few clicks.

RAR Recovery Kit is a good way to repair corrupted archives in the .rar format, when it isn't possible to download the files again or when other copies are absent and the WinRAR file is corrupt. RAR Recovery Kit can fix WinRAR files that are corrupt or when CRC has failed.

The WinRAR archive repair tool can extract files from corrupt archives up to 4GB.

WinRAR file recovery software successfully tested under all existing Windows versions, including 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and 11.


  • Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 or Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016 and above

Please select a damaged RAR file on first page of repair wizard in RAR Recovery Kit

The program displays a folder tree and a list of files in each folder. Select the folders and/or files you want to keep from the damaged WinRAR archive

Select path to save a recovered data

Selecting a damaged RAR archive

Viewing information recovered from the damaged RAR archive

Selecting a folder where the recovered information will be saved

Viewing the results of saving the recovered information